…. That was the principal idea of making our familly combined effort….
Spacious, Comfortable, Renovated Rooms – studios (one room) can offer
hospitality to visitors and travellers with elegant and refined taste. Furthermore,
different types of handcrafts in common areas and “ Windows with View in the
World ” (a special art in the interior of each room) give a unique sense that
capture the authentic esthetics, those who chase something more than a simple
So, my idea jump out from the need to make a story…and this includes in fact
the real meaning of Tourism…when you have the ability to entertain guests from
other countries to yours with all the respect and with all that involves…how can
be your house..his plac e. Even for a while…
To tell you the truth, my personal target include the whole idea of making a big


  • bigger united worldwide company side by side, not only the promotion of the
    greek insular thassian beauty.
    So, take the opportunity and choose which ”City” of the countries of the world
    wants to accompany you..
    And You have the power to decide it..
    A live – luminous City is waiting to meet her..
    Perhaps, especially, the night will be more attractive and impressive..
    Look for It Youselves…

P.S :
The owner and the qualified staff of “ ThassCites Casa Studios “ is expecting to
serve as priority the customers with consistency and responsibility at the typical
Οffice Hours.
(Reception : The Secret Yard)
With the Best.
“ Which ThassCity Do You Prefer ? “